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A Gathering Of Guides -Tim Pacheco $15.00


1 Moonstone (4:29)
A song that has been around for some time now and allows me to relive my time spend in Cambria, California those many years ago. I could tell you the story of my $50 Ford Falcon that ended up in a ravine along Burton Drive, but not now.
2 Domatilia (2:18)
From a slightly faded black and white photo she smiles and you see this beautiful flower of a girl who later brought me into this existence and seeded my first early love of music. This one's for my mom.
3 Christa's Song (3:55)
This beautiful and magical woman has always challenged me to be and do more than I think I am capable of. Without her encouragement I might not have attempted nor completed this recording project. For that I am ever grateful.
4 Abe and Ed (4:19)
They waited together to be rescued, one bound to a wheel chair. The other was free to go, but did not. Then . . . the building fell. The ultimate symbol to me of one human's compassion and caring for another. I will always remember. . .
5 Satie (5:07)
It struck me, after this song was written, that it had the simple and contemplative feel of composer Eric Satie's music of whom I am an admirer. This is one song on this recording where I played some additional guitar sections.
6 Birds on Paper (3:33)
My dad, in his hospital bed, not long before he died, pointed to a wall and uttered these words. I have no idea what he meant, but I knew I would use them as a song title. In memory of my father.
7 Backroad to Valhalla (5:01)
Many years ago my friend Matt and I saw guitarist John Fahey at a small club called The Golden Beak in Huntington Beach, California. We sat right up front, transfixed (and afterwards transformed) as John performed his voodoo guitar magic and took us "into the void." He promised he would bring us back . . . but I'm not sure he ever did. This song is that journey.
8 Shaman's Dance (5:29)
As a teenager I spent many hours in my room with the shades shut, in the dark, listening to the music of The Doors. Jim Morrison ignited a longing in me to live life as passionately and free spirited as he did. Tim Beckwith expertly created the percussion accompaniment that matched what I had envisioned for this song.
9 Rosy's Place (on Lake Thun) (2:34)
To waking up in Switzerland and having Niesen Mountain greet me through the window and Mama Rosay welcoming me into her home.
10 Van Tassel's Vision (4:50)
In honor of George Van Tassell and his intended cell rejuvenating "Integratron." This domed structure can be visited in Landers, California. I recommend the "sound bath." This song was written while I was in the Process of recording this CD and became one of my favorites.
11 Fallen Angel (3:35)
A song that was started 20 years ago, finally found it's way to completion and would not have come about if it were not for my love of the music of guitarist Will Ackerman. Bob Leipman's cello work here beautifully evokes the reflective and melancholy feeling of this piece.
12  Persistence Of A Memory

Tracks and tunings: tune the guitar with the capo as indicated.

1   Moonstone E B E G# B F capo 2nd fret
2   Domatilia D G D G B E no capo
3   Christa's Song C# G# C# G# C# F# capo 2nd fret
4   Abe and Ed F# B Eb F# C# F# capo 2nd fret
5   Satie F# B Eb F# C# F# capo 2nd fret
6   Birds on Paper F# B Eb F# B F# capo 2nd fret
7   Backroad to Valhalla E B E G# B F# capo 2nd fret
8   Shaman's Dance D A G F# A D no capo
9   Rosy's Place E B E G# B E capo 2nd fret
10 Van Tassell's Vision D Bb D A Bb F capo 2nd fret
11 Fallen Angel F C F A C G capo 3rd fret

A few words from William Ackerman, guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records:

 "There are probably two things that matter most to me in any art form; one is "voice" the other is veracity. In the world of guitar, I can hear any three notes written by Michael Hedges and know it's him... likewise Alex DeGrassi. So unique and distinctive are their styles and melodic/harmonic structures that their musical voice is unmistakable. I also need to believe the artist. I'm not interested in facade or pretension. In the world of guitar there are a billion and fifty talented players who are gymnastically impressive but whose music is vacant of evocative emotion. Returning to Hedges and DeGrassi again (both artists I've produced), the staggering skills of these players is unquestionable, but the techniques always in the service of the composition and communication. Reversing the priorities is meaningless.
 Tim Pacheco's music is his own. Of course you can hear his musical influences (as you can in all of us), but this is mature work in which Tim's voice has emerged very clearly. I also believe him as an artist. His music evokes deep, basic, clear and true emotion.... in short, it's true. Tim is a fine, disciplined player, but not a slave to technique. Whether it was chanting in caves or beating on drums, music has always been about giving voice to the human soul. If we lose sight of the primal communication that is the language of music we've missed the point. Tim has not missed the point."
 - Will Ackerman
Windham County, Vermont
February 2004
"Tim Pacheco's guitar style is rather intimate, reflective and concentrates on emotion and leads one to beautiful soundscapes full of poetic music trips. An album which has top-notch melody lines and composing skills that are noteworthy."
Bridge Guitar Reviews
"Tim Pacheco represents a new generation of steel-string fingerpickers ,  who probably can't remember a time when there wasn't a Windham Hill.  Specializing in ballads,  the Californians compositions have a strong sense of melody and his  playing is  light and unhurried.  That one song is titled "Satie" reinforces the influence of Will Ackerman ( a major devotee of Erik Satie), whose influence on "Fallen Angel" would be obvious even if Pacheco didn't point it out in the liner notes.
....Dan Forte 

Artist: Tim Pacheco
Product Type: AMR CDs
Item #: SACD2059
Price: $15.00
A Gathering Of Guides -Tim  Pacheco
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 06 November, 2005.

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