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Tumblin' Gap - Alec Stone Sweet $15.00 $10.05

Alec Stone Sweet "Tumblin' Gap" ....clawhammer acoustic guitar solos
1. Polly Put the Kettle On (2:39) 2. Farewell Trion (2:48) 3. The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2:47) 4. Sally Cooper/The Last of Sizemore (2:27) 5. Dennis Murphy’s/The £42 Cheque/John Ryan’s (3:13) 6. Texas (3:07) 7. Falls of Richmond (5:01) 8. The Joke on the Puppy (2:22) 9. Itzikel (3:09) 10. Angeline (3:34) 11. Cluck Old Hen (2:33) 12. Waiting for Nancy (4:14) 13. Chasing the Moon (2:24) 14. Tumblin’ Gap (3:09) 15. Black-Eyed Susie (2:09) 16. Joe Bane’s Reel (1:54)
“Spacious, haunting and exquisite clawhammer guitar.”
“Effortless, almost ethereal lyricism.”
Alec Stone Sweet  “Tumblin Gap” SACD 2053  CD

Presented by Doug Spencer / Radio National Australia

What could possibly connect The Clawhammer Guitar Home Page to Professor Alec Stone Sweet’s The Judicial Construction of Europe, published last year by Oxford University Press? Their author is the very same, guitar-toting man! Tumblin’ Gap is his new, second CD of solo acoustic guitar. Most pieces are traditional Appalachian tunes. All are beautifully played, with a singular combination of 'robust' & 'haunting' that is in part the fruit of Alec applying to his guitar the picking techniques used by ‘ole-timey’/’mountain’/’clawhammer’ banjo pickers. They’re also the fruit of his respect & love for the tunes themselves.
Alec Stone Sweet, Tumblin' Gap: Clawhammer Guitar Solos

By Ron Forbes-Roberts  Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Alec Stone Sweet didn’t just transpose 16 oldtime dance tunes, Appalachian folk pieces, and originals from clawhammer banjo to guitar for this album; to preserve the idiomatic flavor of these melodic, mostly modal pieces, Stone Sweet transposes, as best he can, the clawhammer style itself to guitar. To approximate the five-string banjo sound on many pieces, Stone Sweet retunes his guitar and replaces his low E with a high treble string to create tunings like the G G D G B D setup he uses on “Farewell Trion.” He also uses the thumb/index-finger clawhammer banjo picking technique to play the melodies and drones of these tunes. The entrancing result is enhanced by the sonority and rich sustain of Stone Sweet’s guitar. The material is a good mix of well-known tunes—“Angeline” and “Cluck Old Hen,” among them—and more obscure pieces, like “Texas” and “Joe Bane’s Reel.” Throughout, Stone Sweet’s rhythmic sense and phrasing are spot on, and he gives the music the drive it needs without ever sounding hurried or overwhelming the simple melodies. Compulsory listening for guitar fans, Tumblin’ Gap is the kind of surprising recording that inspires new guitar movements.


Artist: Alec Stone Sweet
Product Type: AMR CDs
Item #: SACD2053
Price: $15.00 $10.05
Tumblin' Gap - Alec Stone Sweet
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 29 September, 2005.

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