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JIM TOZIER'S  latest and greatest.....
a wonderful collection of new tunes recorded by Al Petteway and mastered by GRAMMY winner Bill Wolf.
Song titles and notes by Jim....

1.    Ryan’s Song (CGDGAD): Written for my son, Ryan, who was born on April 23, 2006—just a few months before our family moved from Maryland to Cumming, Georgia.

2.    Six Mile Creek (DADGAD): Six Mile Creek is a scenic part of Lake Lanier, which is only a couple of miles from my new home. 

3.    South of Nashville (DADGAD): After moving to Georgia, it took me a while to get used to seeing highway signs that pointed north toward Nashville; for the previous thirty-six years of my life, Nashville had always been south.

4.    Trail of Tears (DADGAD, capo 2): The title of this mournful piece is a reference to plight of the Cherokees who were forcibly removed from their lands in Georgia. 

5.    Sawnee Mountain (CGDGAD): Sawnee Mountain, the most visible landmark in Cumming, is the southernmost summit in the Blue Ridge range and the first peak in the Appalachian chain that stretches all the way from Georgia to Maine.

6.    Each Passing Day (CGDGAD, capo 3): For my wife, Marilouise, who I love more and more with each passing day.  Written to commemorate our 10th wedding anniversary.

7.    Coming Home (DADGAD): I started writing this song a few years ago, but I wasn’t able to finish it until one night when I was suddenly aware that Georgia had finally come to feel like home to me.  The title has a double meaning, since I now live in Cumming.

8.    Tribble Gap (DADGAD): This blues-flavored tune is one of several that were inspired by the local landscape near my new home.  

9.    Memories Like Rain (CGDGAD): Sometimes I look at my kids and wonder how they manage to grow up so fast.  It often seems like the years since they were born have passed by in a blur.  And yet, when I close my eyes, I can feel the memories of those years wash over me like a sweet summer rain.

10.      Song of the Chattahoochee (DADGAD):  The Chattahoochee River forms the southeastern border of Forsyth County, where I live.

11.      Mother’s Day Waltz (CGDGAD, capo 2): For Mom.  Thanks for everything—for more than I could ever say.  I love you. 

12.      Blue Ridge Winter (CGDGAD): Written after a drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains during a particularly frigid January.  

13.      The Piper’s Dream (DADGAD):  For Dad, who turned me on to bagpipe music—along with other Celtic music—at a very young age.  Obviously, I was listening.    

14.      The Bridge at Poole’s Mill (DADGAD, capo 2): Inspired by the historic covered bridge at Poole’s Mill in Forsyth County.  For the guitarists out there, the ending section of this song is played entirely with the left hand.

15.      Owl at the Bridge (DADGAD, capo 2; EADGBE): An extended version of the ending section of “The Bridge at Poole’s Mill”—this time with Al Petteway joining me on lead guitar.

16.      Between the Bars (DADGAD): A beautiful tune by Elliott Smith; the first time I heard it, I knew I wanted to arrange it for solo guitar.  

17.      Never My Love (DADGAD, capo 2): Dedicated to my parents, Butch and Susan, who will be celebrating their 40th anniversary next year.    

For many of us, music is indelibly woven into the fabric of our lives.  Many of our most memorable moments are linked inextricably to song; the music becomes a personal soundtrack to our lives.  There are literally hundreds of songs that take me back into the past every time I hear them, because those songs have become associated with specific times in my life and with specific memories.  Some of them are obvious: everyone remembers the song that was playing during that first kiss (“The Boys of Summer” by Don Henley), or that first dance together as husband and wife (“With This Dance,” a song I wrote for the occasion).  Those are easy.  But there are other songs that will just as surely take you back to more ordinary moments—like the time you and a friend put baseball cards in your bicycle spokes (“Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits); or the summer when you first jumped off the high dive (“The Stroke” by Billy Squier); or the night you spent alone in the park, lying on your back and looking up in wonder at the stars (“Ten Years Gone” by Led Zeppelin).

In much the same way, the songs I write are more than music to me—they represent pieces of my life.  Most of the songs on this album were inspired by my family’s decision to leave Maryland (where we’d spent almost our entire lives) and move to Georgia.  In a span of just three months, we had a new baby and a new home, in a new town and a new state.  With all that change, there was bound to be plenty of inspiration and plenty of music.

These songs reflect pieces of that new life—and because instrumental guitar music is my voice for that inspiration, I give you… Guitar Pieces.
Jim Tozier  “Guitar Pieces”  Solid Air Records 2008

His newest CD “Guitar Pieces” is marked by
a strong sense of melody and a rich, warm expressive touch.
Jim plays mostly in open tunings to get his own expressive and
intimate sound. As a creator of atmosphere he knows to absorb
a listener during 17 tracks with a varied setup. “Six Mile Creek”
has a steady groove with a fantastic melody line, just as “South of
Nashville” , “Tribble Gap”, “Song of The Chattahoochee “written all
in DADGAD tuning. Wonderful ballads like “Trail of Tears”, Coming
Home “and “Memories of Rain” are heart-warming. A typical Celtic
tunes like “The Piper's Dream” complete this astonishing CD which
will grasp any enthusiastic music and acoustic guitar enthusiast.

Henk te Veldhuis

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Artist: Jim Tozier
Product Type: AMR CDs
Item #: SACD2081
Price: $15.00
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 June, 2008.

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