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Wooden Horses DVD+transcriptions $24.95 $14.95

 teaches all the songs from WOODEN HORSES and presents transcriptions in both Standard notation and Tablature!!!
LJ spends about an hour and a half discussing his latest album "Wooden Horses" and what goes into playing all  the new original compositions.  This is a terrific opportunity to join LJ in his own studio discussing these wonderful tunes and not only how to play them but what went into the compositions.  For guitarists who are curious that IS the new Maple Juber Signature Martin guitar and you may inquire from us about purchase!!!
(we have already sold several  and they are stunning!)

Widescreen format and all-region
Is this a BOOK (you print it out) with a BONUS DVD? or is it a DVD with a BONUS BOOK (that you print yourself)? I guess that depends on your point  of view....we will list it in  both sections so don't buy it twice !!!

Laurence Juber has produced a valuable body of instructional material for fingerstyle guitarists, focusing on repertoire as well as musical knowledge necessary to arrange for solo guitar in DADGAD, standard, and other tunings. Here, he covers pieces from his recent CD, "Wooden Horses." Juber uses a relaxed, no-frills approach, sitting with his music stand in front of a fixed camera.  The production has an intimate feel, he’s generous with his time and very comprehensive. For example, he takes over ten minutes to cover "The Ornament Waltz. Guitarists will gain a lot of insight into melodic development, chord voicings and rhythms, as Juber emphasizes the conceptual building blocks of his music over the purely physical challenges of playing these pieces (which are nonetheless formidable). The fingerstyle mainstay "Shebeg and Shemore" is covered, with Juber adding some nice modern-sounding chords in a few spots. The transcriptions are in standard notation and tablature in pdf format on the disc. This DVD is a strong addition to Juber’s instructional catalog.
© Patrick Ragains  MINOR
Laurence Juber, Wooden Horses

By Phil Catalfo  ACOUSTIC GUITAR  MAGAZINE  july 2010


In his latest release, versatile fingerstylist Laurence Juber shows again that he’s equally capable of nailing rapid-fire runs in an up-tempo number (“Enough Is Never Enough”), creating a reflective mood (“Guitar Noir”), essaying a jazzy rag (“Maple Avenue Strut” and the title track), firing off a tasty blues (“Green Room Blues,” a bonus live track), or laying bare his heart in romantic, Bensusan-esque tunes (“The Ornament Waltz,” “Being Here with You”)—and he’s also equally adept in standard tuning, D A D G A D, and C G D G A D. The best and most vivid of the album’s numbers—such as “Highway 17” (a paean to the winding highway connecting San Jose and Santa Cruz, California) and the only nonoriginal composition here, “Shebeg and Shemore” (by the 18th-century Irish harpist Turlough O’Carolan)—display not only Juber’s erudition and technical prowess but also his gift for instrumental storytelling. On the companion DVD (which includes printable transcriptions), Juber devotes 90 minutes to breaking down each song, but not bar for bar; rather, he explicates the most notable or challenging passages in each and shares a bit of his philosophy of playing. It’s meaty, advanced stuff that will be beyond the ken of anyone not comfortable slinging G#m7b5 or Cadd9#11 chords, but it’s worthwhile viewing: even we duffers can learn something from such an up-close look at a master. (Solid Air Records,


Artist: Laurence Juber
Product Type: DVDs
Item #: SADVD239
Price: $24.95 $14.95
Wooden Horses DVD+transcriptions
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 12 February, 2010.

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