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101* Blues Guitar Essentials 2 DVD set $0.00

Our most popular lesson/DVD set is now available worldwide and viewable on all devices!  All angles are viewable and the transcriptions are as well!  
here is the LINK!
Learn the secrets of acoustic guitar blues, as revealed by a modern day master.
2 DVD set packed with authentic blues styles and technique
MULTI anglel viewing for close up viewing of either left or right hand.
45 pages of tab/standard notation included on PDF file on dvd!
One chord grooves
Exploring the neck for greater range
12 bar and 8 bar blues
Variations in Open G
Bonus performance footage!
over 5 hours of footage!
"Doug MacLeod, now there's a man who can really play the blues"...David Honeyboy Edwards, Delta blues legend.
Bill Dahl of "Living Blues" calls Doug MacLeod.."An extraordinary blues guitarist".
Taylor Guitars WOOD & STEEL magazine...
One of the things that makes the blues difficult to teach is that it’s such a personal mode of expression; many legends have employed their own unorthodox techniques and tunings. Albert Collins tuned to an open chord; Otis Rush plays upside-down and backwards; Albert King did both.

Doug MacLeod is a perfect candidate not only to unlock the mysteries of the blues but to make the process fun, as he does on this double-disc DVD. He’s an absolute natural — comfortable, entertaining, and, most of all, enthusiastic — spinning out words of wisdom with as much ease and authority as he picks a turnaround. “Don’t be afraid to get lost on the guitar,” he advises, “because if you get lost on the guitar, you’ll get found. And what you find getting back from being lost is yours — your own identity.”

Doug breezes through Disc One’s first section (covering tuning, left- and right-hand techniques, and a one-chord groove) in 32 minutes, with nary an edit. Some working knowledge is assumed; for instance, there’s no explanation of the pentatonic scale that most of Doug’s licks are based on. But, if you’ve got a few basics under your fingers (open chords, the I-IV-V progression), you should be able to get a handle on everything here. And there’s also plenty of valuable information for intermediate players, like MacLeod’s jazzy “Benson” (as in George) octave runs and his “Bastard G” tuning.

The DVD’s multi-angle feature allows the viewer to isolate MacLeod’s left or right hand as he’s playing. This is preferable to split-screen, although it will probably be most useful in conjunction with the rewind button, as Doug crams a lot of information into this master class. The DVD-ROM portion includes 45 pages of tablature and standard notation you can view on your computer or print out.

101 Blues Guitar Essentials offers a fresh, fun approach to the blues. Highly recommended.

— Dan Forte

an EMAIL from a happy customer.... 
   The content of the DVD is very good, Doug is a masterful player and a surprisingly good teacher. I have been a fan of his for many years. I was very surprised to see and hear The New Panama Limited as bonus material, it is my favorite piece of his and I love them all.


PS If Doug makes any more of these I will be a sure customer.

 ANOTHER happy customer  emails...
I have just bought the video above and I wish to relate to you and  especially Doug  my congratulations  for this fine piece of instruction.

It is by far the best and most entertaining blues video I have ever  seen--and I have a decent library-- both from the context of the  content and presentation.

Being a long time fan of Doug's  music- I have most of his recording  that we can find in Montréal- I have been thrilled to watch him  explain and convey
his  groove and enjoyment of the blues.  This plus  the extent of the  pdf file which is all the back-up needed is a great package.  the  very best and I thank him,

this is what i needed to embark on this learning journey. I will even  appreciate more is music when listening on the  vinyl edition of his  blues record.

please convey this to Doug

Wow. That's customer service. Ordered Doug's DVD late Saturday evening, and it arrived on Tuesday. Didn't have time to start in with it until last night, and then only for the first bit, but already I can tell that this is going to be ton of fun. Like having Doug right here at the house, and as he himself says, "Your instructor is always in a good mood." 
Many thanks, RS
MORE FEEDBACK from Happy Viewers!
Dear Doug
I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying your 101 blues tips DVD.  I  am 39 years old and play the Harmonica, Piano,Trombone, and sing.  I have played with some very good musicians and have been taught by some as well.  You sir are truly inspiring.  I think you are the finest musicTeacher I think I have ever worked with.  It is a pleasure to  have your DVD.  I am having trouble going to bed at night cause I can’t stop watching it.  It is a lot of fun and a joy to see you play.  I can’'t put my 1968 martin D28 down now.  I will be look for and buying all the work of yours I can find.  Thank you so much for making learning the guitar as much fun as playing

Sincerely with all admiration


Artist: Doug MacLeod
Product Type: DVD Multi-Angle
Item #: 25761
Price: $0.00
101* Blues Guitar Essentials 2 DVD set
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 June, 2006.

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